Forgiveness’ Path

forgiveness, Puisi, revenge

I’ve got too much time wasted
And most of my life in vain.
Chance came and I ignored it,
Until I learned what I’ve gained.

My life crashed before my eyes;
It was totally broken.
Yet, pretended to look nice,
I gave no plea to mention.

I have been put on the blame;
I’ve been forced to wear the guilt;
Nothing good left in my name
And they tore down what I’ve built!

Often I cried for revenge;
Often thought of a payback,
Though I knew it wouldn’t quench
My thirst nor restore my track.

‘Till one night He came to me
In the middle of my wrath.
He calmed my anger gently
And showed me forgiveness’ path.

“My sheep, My sheep,” thus He said,
“Do not follow your anger,
For it is only a bait
To make you fall much deeper.”

“You may have all the reason
To get mad at those people,
But your sins are forgiven
And I won’t let you stumble.”

“Forgive and let it all go,
Since you have my forgiveness.
And as I hold tomorrow,
Move on and be not hopeless!”

forgiveness path

O Lord, I realize now
That I’ve been falling so deep.
On both of my knees I bow,
Begging You to grab this sheep!

All these times I have been blind;
And I have been such a fool
To think that my life was mine.
O my God, pardon this mule!

Now my eyes are opened wide;
My brain’s ready for thinking.
I’ve got nothing left to hide
Before my Almighty King!

My life I will continue
With confidence in my God;
That He makes all things anew
And that He deserts me not!

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