To My Sweetest Lady

love poem, Puisi, sweet love, valentine

hands and rings. forever.

I’ll be the one who’ll always be around,
I’ll try my best to make you safe and sound,
I’ll be with you, I’ll never let you down,
And I’ll give you my all, from sole to crown.

I won’t let anything bad fall on you,
I’ll never let your day turn cold and blue,
I’ll never turn to find somebody new,
And I won’t give up loving you so true.

Even if the road we travel turns rough,
You’ll always be the only one I love,
For you are the girl I’ve been dreaming of,
And you are the gift I get from Above.

From the deepest sea to the highest sky,
I’ll be true to you, I will never lie,
From the day we met ’till the day I die,
I’ll be faithfull, I’ll never say goodbye.

You are my princess and I am your knight,
For you I’ll struggle, for you I will fight,
‘Cause when my life was dark like darkest night,
You came to me with love and make it bright.

You wash the bruise and take away the pain,
You ease my sadness again and again,
You’re always on my mind, you’re in my brain,
You keep me up with life and keep me sane.

You’re my sweetheart, you’re my sweetest lady,
You’re my sugar in my cup of coffee,
You’ve been such an inspiration to me,
You’ve been my love, and forever you’ll be!

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