Always remember: Family Comes First!



The title above has been a memorable favorite phrase for me all these years after watching the great movie by Adam Sandler, “Click” (2006). Adam, played as a workaholic architect Michael Newman who, under the stress from his boss, was giving his work a priority over his family.

But not for long until he met Morty, a weird salesman at a (also weird) store Bed Bath and Beyond, who then sold the exhausted architect a “universal” remote control. The device was not only useful to control electronic sets, but much more than that, was capable of controlling everything in the world. What a fun!

Yeah. We all want that kind of magical gadget with which we can control our universe. With such power in hand, we might be the ruler of the world! However, Michael finally became “Newman” when he found that his life was actually controlled by the…

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