Jesus Is NOT Our Father!


Some Christians carelessly call Jesus Christ by “Papa JC.” I don’t really know why they do that, whether they’re ashamed of that great name (Jesus Christ), fearing that they’d get some trouble mentioning the name, or just to make it more “catchy” to the ear.

Whatever the reason is, calling Jesus as our father is logically incorrect!

The Bible tells us that Jesus is the Son of God (Mrk. 1:1). And then, in John 1:12, we are told that all believers are given authority to become God’s sons. Hence, we can’t be both sons of God and sons of Son of God, can we?

Thus, Jesus Christ is (in spiritual sense) actually our Brother, and NOT our father. When we pray, we pray to the Father, in Jesus’ name, by the Holy Spirit.

May the Wisdom of God enlighten our hearts and minds to know Him better each day. Amen.

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