The Source of Joy


Happiness. Everyone wants it. All the toil men do is to pursue this one word to happen in their lives. Most “Hollywoodian” movies have happy endings, just like those fairy tales telling children that the main characters “live happily ever after.”

Everyone has his own terms and conditions for happiness. Those will affect his priorities and way of living. When you think that your happiness is based on having many friends, then your priority is to make friends as much as you can. But in other hand, your happiness will decrease when you find out that one or some of your friends are leaving.

When money or wealth is your term for happiness, then that is what you will run for. You might even work 24/7 just to collect more money, because you think that more money means more happiness. But unfortunately, this also will also lead you to the risk of being unhappy, that is, when you become poor or has to lose some or all of your money.

All terms and conditions for happiness will not lead us to a lifetime or even eternal happiness. We will only be happy when we have fulfilled those, and we cannot always do that. What a sad and bad news.

But there’s a good news. Someone assures us a real and eternal joy. He is able to do that simply because He himself is the source of joy. The joy He offers is everlasting, unlike the joy anyone can ever offer; and that’s simply because He lives forever!

Jesus Christ. He is the source of true and everlasting happiness. What can make a man happier than having God to redeem him from his sin and ensure his salvation? There’s no such joyful news than the good news of Jesus Christ. When other good news of this world only apply during our lifetime, the good news of Jesus Christ applies longer than life!

Anchor your terms & conditions of happiness in Jesus Christ, and your joy will endure at any time, even in what people might say as bad times. Be joyful in Him! ^_^

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