Adjusting Our Time



The museum was so quiet. Its doors were already closed about three hours ago. It was 9 p.m. The wind breezed smoothly, and less cars were passing by. Right in the darkest corner, four guys wearing black costumes were hiding. They didn’t talk much. They had a mission: to take the most valuable item in the museum.

The time had already come for them to start their action. So, they started adjusting their wristwatch. In such critical mission, time adjustment was crucial, since they were going to act at separate places, and they need to begin and end at exactly the same time. And so they began to move….

I believe you’ve seen such take in detective movies before. I’ve seen such “cliche” for so many times. If the team want to gain success, they need to adjust their time with their leader/boss. In such pro-team, each second counts.

Imagine if you were part of the team but somehow you forget to adjust you time. Even if the time on your wristwatch were “only” five seconds earlier or three seconds late, the mission wouldn’t be successful.

During our “mission” to glorify the name of the Lord, we also need to adjust our times with His time. We need to move wherever He wants us to go, act whatever He wants us to do, speak whatever He wants us to say, and we need to do it all in His time.

Yet, too often did we act, move, and speak at wrong times. Sometimes, we thought that God was too slow, and then we took the inisiative. Otherwise, we thought that God was too fast, and we were’nt ready yet. In the end, we usually felt sorry that our “mission” didn’t come up sucessfully.

In order to have adjusted time, we need to have a close relationship with God our Leader first. There’s no other way. We need to know the nature of His heart, whether it’s the correct time to do something or not. We need to pray a lot. We need to ponder His Words all the time.

Dear Lord, teach us to adjust
Our time with Yours;

Help us to comprehend
The why, the how, and when
Do we have to act or speak;

Since we have a mission to complete
And without You, Lord, we won’t succeed!

Without intense coordination with the Boss, it is impossible for us to have a successfully completed mission; so let’s start adjusting our time with His! God bless.

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